Start Time: 8:30 am
Start Location: 9401 Old Georgetown Road
Prohibited items: Rollerblades, pets, strollers
Course length:10 kilometers


The 10K event is open to the whole family and starts at 9401 Old Georgetown Road. Rollerblades, pets, and strollers are not allowed on the 10k course.

The 10K race will be scored with the IPICO Tag System. 

Race Specifics


All 10k participants must be able to maintain a 14-minute-per-mile pace. Participants traveling slower will be directed onto the sidewalk and from that moment must remain on the sidewalk and follow normal pedestrian rules at the cross streets. (The reason for the minimum-pace standard is so that normal traffic flow can resume in a timely manner.)

To make your running experience more satisfying, the 10-kilometer run will have what is called a wave start. In a wave, start runners are sent off in groups based on their ability based on their time. This will enable more runners to have optimal running experience. By separating the very large expected group of runners into pace groups, and starting the groups on even minutes, it is expected that more runners will be able to run at their pace right from the start. Runners will self-seed themselves into groups at the start based on their expected pace.

  • Wave #1 will be all open competitors and all runners expecting to run faster than 44 minutes (7:00 pace)

  • Wave #2 will be open to all participants expecting to run between 7:00 minutes per mile (44 minute finish time) and approximately 8:00 minutes per mile (49:30 finish time).

  • Wave #3 will be open to all participants expecting to run between approximately 8:00 minutes per mile (49:30 finish time) and 10:00 minutes per mile (62:00 finish time).

  • Wave #4 will be open to all the remaining participants who expect to run approximately 10 minutes per mile or slower (greater than a 62:00 finish).

USA Track and Field recently changed their rules regarding the use of headphones and other equipment on the Turkey Chase 10K course. The race director has not had an opportunity to review the policy. However, for this year’s race, the restriction on headphones usage will not be enforced.

Three water stations are located along the 10k course at:

  • Mile two on Pooks Hill at 355.

  • Just under mile 3 at 355 and Cedar Lane in front of the Boy Scouts of America building.

  • Mile 5 on Old Georgetown Road and Huntington Parkway (Congregation Beth El) at mile 5.

Ask about our new 10K Course.


Each participant receives a commemorative Turkey Chase t-shirt as part of their entry fee. Shirts will be available in Adult Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large. No color choice available. Children’s cotton shirts are available in Youth Small, Medium and Large. No color choice available.


Awards will be presented to only the open finishers on race day. Awards will be mailed to the first and second place males and females in each age category (refer to the chart below). All open awards are based on gun time. All age group awards are based on net time. No duplicate awards. (If you win an open award you cannot also win an age group award.)